The beginning of my AB journey

After having a baby, I knew the first part of my body I wanted to address was my ab area.  It was also the last part of my body I wanted to work on!  I felt flabby and loose.  I wanted to begin a program that targeted the ab region but didn't have me doing 1 million crunches.  After doing some research on where to start after having a baby, I found out I needed to get my core stronger and rehab the trauma of childbirth in order to lose weight.  I am currently switching between RevAbs (a Beachbody DVD) and the Tracy Anderson (post-partum DVD) videos. 

RevAbs is upbeat and full of energy.  I like that Brett, the instructor (was a trainer on the Biggest Loser) is funny and charming.  He brings back the "old school" lingo/moves.  The video doesn't have you doing countless crunches.  There are many upper and lower body exercises that give you a full body workout.  Many people have said you can't target one area - that is so true.  I feel that my whole body is improving - not just my ab region.  The first couple of days were brutal.  I could hardly do any of the exercises.  I can now do most of the exercises!

The Tracy Anderson video is calm but effective.  She tells the viewers that she gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy - that is hard to believe since she is about 5 feet and probably weighs under 100 pounds!  She doesn't vocalize the routine, so you need to pay attention and watch her while doing the exercises.  Otherwise, you might miss when to switch sides or are beginning a new exercise.  75% of the video is working on the ab region.  The lower and upper body exercises are minimal but difficult (especially when adding weights).  She addresses concerns about getting back into shape after having a baby and targets those areas.

To me, sticking to a 60 or 90 day video program is hard.  I easily get bored.  I like the ability of switching DVDs to confuse my body.  I would highly recommend both videos because they each offer exercises that target the ab region but also give you a total body workout.  In a few months I will hopefully be posting a picture of my rock hard abs!

Grace Martinez
Run 2 Be Fit (to purchase RevAbs)


  1. RevAbs is great because it doesn't have you on the ground doing just sit-ups and crunches. It incorporates standing movements which work your core but also works on your other regions.

    I also like the rev zone which has you go all out on whatever exercise you are doing.

    Awesome DVDs!

  2. Thanks for giving me the time to exercise and attempting to DO the exercises while holding the baby!


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