Nike Trainer

I was skeptical about getting a workout with Nike Kinect Training.  I had done workouts in the past with Wii but never felt as if I had gotten a good workout.  The program would consistently not read me or it wasn't hard enough.  I've done three workouts with Nike Kinect Trainer and love it.  It took a little bit to set up (trainer, goals, schedule, fitness testing), but after that was completed, it's been easy to log on.  The program created a personalized schedule for my fitness goal.  The trainer is motivating (although she does repeat a lot of things, she is a computer animation afterall!).  I chose the female trainer and she not only encourages you but also corrects your form.  You can't go too fast or too slow either.  The warmup is about 10 minutes and then the workout begins.  You can repeat the workout portion up to 3 times adding 11+ each time.  It didn't allow me to do it more than that, but you could always choose to do another workout after you finish.  The cooldown is about two minutes.  My daughters enjoy challenging me with some of the games such as dodgeball and running.  It does feel as if there is personal trainer with you the entire time.


Grace Martinez
Run 2 Be Fit