Busy Weekend Recap

Will Run for Beer
First Day of 5k Training
Spartan Obstacle Course Race Training

Run or Wine

What a great weekend - full of great people venturing outside of their comfort zones.  

The ladies that came to the 5k coming from different levels of fitness/running training - came together as a group, despite the rain, and optimistic for the possibilities.  We established some foundations for running form, warm-ups, and the importance of strength training.  We look forward to sharing more information with the group in the coming weeks.

The Spartan OCR Training allowed us to promote Spartan races, and meet new people.  Not everyone had signed up for a race, but they were willing to learn more about the races.  Some struggled getting up the walls or with the exercises, but overall felt confident after we were done.  Not only do we want to promote Spartan races, but we want to build confidence in participants to conquer the obstacles.  It's neat to hear the many reasons people sign up for races.  We hope to inspire those that haven't signed up to do so now.   AROO!

Our monthly Run or Wine event proved to be another stormy event.  The best part was the big reveal at the end of the race.  We distributed our new "medals" - wine glasses.  It was a great treat to see the participants value their prize for participating.

On Sunday, we did our first Will Run for Beer for the year.  We had taken a break from group beer runs since they were not too successful.  The course was mostly flat with a waterfront view.  Everyone enjoyed their beer in the private room at Scuttlebutt Brewery & Restaurant, Everett.  The best part was being able to an event so close to home.  We love our local community and want to see the interest in health & fitness to grow.

We look forward to many more busy weekends - bringing health & fitness to our local community.