Damsel in Defense

I was always searching for the right product to endorse.  And now, I found it!  I am so excited to have a business that empowers women. I personally have been concerned with safety while running on my own or simply venturing out alone. As a runner, a pet sitter, a mother, and a woman I know how important it is to feel safe in everyday situations. I feel safe knowing that I am prepared for just about anything with the help of Damsel in Defense.
I'm excited about the endless possibilities with this company.  I am my own boss, which I love.  I'm not only selling to make profit, but I believe that these products will keep women safe.  Although men are welcomed to purchase for themselves or others (there is a non-gender black color for most products that men would feel comfortable using).

I have a lot of events planned for upcoming months to help promote awareness of the products.  I am looking forward to scheduling lots of parties in the near future!  Contact me if you are interested in hosting a party or becoming a Damsel Pro like me!

Grace Martinez
Damsel in Defense