Hot Yoga

I used to go to hot yoga all the time.  It was my gift to myself.  I had to stop because I got pregnant and finally was able to go back yesterday.  It was just as hard as I remembered and just as hot!  I've stayed in decent shape, so I wasn't too out of breath BUT I did have to keep reminding myself that the pose would soon be over!  I love the way hot yoga makes me feel during and after the workout.  I have 19 more classes to take and look forward to making time for myself! 

Doing a variety of exercises will constantly keep your body guessing and cause muscle confusion.  I like mixing up what I do for exercise so that I do not get bored and at the same time confuse my muscles.  That's why I love our fitness camps, it's something different EVERY time.

Grace Martinez
Run 2 Be Fit