F.I.T. Games

Arnie and I have been doing F.I.T. Games since the beginning of this year at our daughter's elementary school.  This is the second session at her school.  This time around we doubled enrollment!  Guess word got around that it was fun to exercise & play games.  Arnie is also volunteering his time at the Everett Boys & Girls Club doing F.I.T. Games once a week.  We genuinely believe that fitness should be a part of every kids' everyday life.  It saddens us to know that gym is only "taught" once a week.  When we were kids, we had P.E. everyday!  Our 10 year old daughter constantly complains that gym is too easy and she never sweats.  Hmmm?  So, our contribution to the "problem" is having F.I.T. Games available for her school and the community.  Now, it's up to the parents to enroll their kids.  Kids just need to show up and they'll soon discover how fun playing games, moving around, and yes some exercise can be fun!