8 month update

My baby girl is 9 1/2 months.  To bring you up-to-date since I had her, I've done so much!  I initially started playing indoor soccer in January.  Then did Asylum 2 and lost the baby weight.  Thank you Shaun T.  I signed myself up for a few races.  My first half marathon, I did with Arnie (and baby in stroller).  Wore the wrong socks & had blisters for days!  Since then, I've done 2 more half marathons and am scheduled to do 5 more before next April. 

Becoming a pre/post natal fitness instructor was the best thing I could have done both personally and for our business.  I love teaching & seeing the moms grow in strength and confidence.  Plus nothing beats being able to take your kids with you to workout.

Taking the Insanity certification in June was one of the scariest things I've done.  And doing the demos this summer was at times frightening.  But seeing smiling sweaty faces made me at ease.  I look forward to teaching many classes this Fall with the local parks departments.

I did the Spartan Sprint with a group (two R2BF members) in August.  Definitely one of the scariest races ever!  It tested my fears of height & water.  And Arnie was not there as my safety net.  I made it - alive, exhausted, overwhelmed, & excited for the challenges to come.  I signed up for the Hell Run in a few weeks & know if I could do Spartan, I can do anything!  I signed up for Goruck with Arnie in October & will let you know how that race turns out!

I am also a Beachbody coach now.  Yeah me!  I've sold a few things & got a coach under me.  I truly believe in the Beachbody products and know that I am not selling a gimmick but a true life necessity.  Nothing is more important than your health.

For September, I'm committing to the Running Challenge, Les Mills Pump, T25, Running Training,  & Soccer.  All in preparation for my half marathons and obstacle races.  Can't wait to share my results when I am finished with this year - my comeback year!

Grace Martinez
Run 2 Be Fit