GoRuck Experience/Nightmare

Arnie & I participated in the Goruck Light on 10/19, in Seattle.  First of all, there was close to 60 people in the group, plus spectators (not the 30 advertised).  The website states over and over again that it is not a race but a team event.  For the majority of event, we were running or sprinting to the next destination.  Within the first 20 minutes of the event, the Cadre asked everyone to get into Lake Union fully clothed.  In 40 degree weather this was not ideal!  Doing burpees & blowing bubbles was gross.  Afterwards, we did a variety of exercises (carrying one another, bear crawls, crabs, squats, etc).  My feet never got dried, my teeth never stop chattering, my hands never got warm.  There were no breaks at all.  It seemed as this Cadre (who admitted that it was his first event) - wanted to pack it all in.  He made us carry heavy logs, cylinder blocks, & pallets.  Towards the end, when he asked whether we wanted to continue walking with logs, bricks, etc. or jump into the Puget Sound (much colder than the Lake), we did not hear that the people in the front elected to jump in the water.  We asked the Cadre & he informed us.  We elected to go home at that time.  There wasn't any type of outreach to convince us to stay.  When we finally saw a watch, we realized we had been out 5 1/2 hours, not the 4-5 hours indicated on the website.  Plus the group was going to be out another hour after we left.  We have small children at home and needed to get back to them.  I am very disappointed in this experience and hope they respond to my complaint.  We shall see.
The picture below is a compilation of the first hour or so, not the remainder when we were walking around Seattle freezing!