Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon Recap

I hadn't ran since the last half I did in October...but I was sure it would be easy.  After all, Vegas is fairly flat.  I arrived in Vegas almost at midnight on Saturday before the race.  I met up with my friends and stayed out until 430am (with minimal drinks because we didn't not want to be hung over for the race).  The next morning we played it safe eating wise - didn't want to eat the wrong thing or too much.  We walked from our hotel to the starting line - a mistake on our part, probably over 3 mile walk!  When we finally got there, the lines to the potty was super long.  We hurried to our corral & didn't make it to the one we were designated to start with...which was fine.  The sun was setting, the crowd was pumped, and we were on our way.  We met a few interesting characters on the run...There were a few bands at the beginning & towards the end, but the middle lacked tunes.  Around mile 8, the route lacked lights - it was so dark that it was hard to see our feet.  My friend and I talked the whole - we hadn't seen each other in over 2 years!  When we finished, it was another mile or so to get out of the finisher's section & get our gear.  We walked back to our hotel - yes, another 2 or so miles!  After taking a shower, I had to lay down & do absolutely nothing.  Our plans that night were to dress up & enjoy Vegas, but everyone was too tired from the race.  We did manage to go out and have a drink.  By the next morning, we were just sore.  Let's just say we enjoyed the last day & took advantage of Vegas.  If I were to ever do this race again, I would arrive the day of the race to avoid so much dead time and stay a few days AFTER the race. 

Grace Martinez
Run 2 Be Fit