21 Day Fix Results - This can be you!

Officially the scariest thing I've ever posted on Facebook...Today I posted my Before & After pictures from the 21 Day Fix.  I struggled with posting the pics.  Would people laugh at me?  But I had to remind myself that having proof the products work was more important than my insecurities.  I truly want to share how Beachbody has impacted my life and most importantly that the programs DO WORK.  Now my friends and family will see my progress and hopefully it will inspire them to make changes.  The program gave me a new perspective on food portions and choices.  I will probably continue to use the containers as a gauge of what I should be eating.  Thank you Autumn Calabrese for introducing me to a life-changing program.

I have a big goal coming up.  I want to ROCK a bikini.  Yes, I will probably shed a tear or two once I see that I look great.  I think we all battle with the negative voices in our heads.  But I will be stronger than those voices.  I started Body Beast & hope to be lean & strong by summertime.  Wish me luck!

Grace Martinez
Run 2 Be Fit