June Recap

June was a busy month for us!

We started the month with our first OCR training at the Japanese Gulch.  Lots to explore, lots of great hills!  Then headed to Richmond Beach, Shoreline to kickoff the Million Stair Challenge.

I ran in the Flight for Sight Race in Everett and ran my heart out.  I did my last mile at 7 minutes.  I was so proud of myself.

We also hosted a Chi Running clinic.  Learned a lot of valuable information on how to make running easier, better, and most importantly less stressful & prevent injuries.

We shopped as a group at Seven Hills for better OCR shoes.  Definitely worth the investment!

We had another successful OCR training at Lord Hills and Group Beer Run.  Meeting new people at these events makes them worthwhile.

I led the volunteers at a Spartan training.  It was a great leadership experience.

This upcoming month (July), we will be launching our outdoor Insanity classes, go back to UWBothell, and lead a ton of OCR trainings in preparation for the Spartan Race in August.