Spartan Sprint Recap

I woke up Saturday morning feeling super-excited about the Spartan Race.  I posted an inspiring post on Facebook for our team, got my daughters' affairs in order, then started our road trip.  We stopped at Starbucks for a light breakfast.  I knew halfway through eating my breakfast sandwich I should have stopped.  But I convinced myself to keep eating, since I needed the fuel.  Halfway through the car ride, I started to feel queasy.  By the time we had picked up our teammates, I was mostly in a fetal position, hoping the pain would go away.  As soon as we parked at the event, I threw up.  But unfortunately, that did not make me feel better.  I contemplated not racing at all.  I was literally at my worst possible state.  But I ran anyways.

It was hard walking up the hills, I had to stop and hug my stomach a few times.  I attempted most of the obstacles on my own.  At one point, I was feeling dizzy & my teammates pushed/pulled the tire for me.  Arnie helped me as step to go over the walls and at times he carried my weight because I was just simply too weak.  I skipped the slide because the lines were too long, & if I didn't stop moving I probably would have quit.

By mile 4, I was feeling about 80%.  My nausea had gone away for the most part.  But I was so weak.  I hadn't eaten all day.  We finished the race around 4pm.  I was starving.

At my weakest, I still managed to complete a Spartan Sprint.  Not too shabby! 

Overall, I'm glad I was able to see my teammates conquer their fears, push through the pain, and finally cross the finish line together.

Am looking forward to many more adventures minus making bad food choices before a race!


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