Bullet Proof Coffee

After my knee surgery on 12/12/14, I had to think of ways to focus my energies on something else rather than on my pain or inability to do much.  I began to research coffee.  I figured I drink coffee everyday, why not make it a healthy component of my everyday life.  I had heard of this crazy idea of putting butter in your coffee a few months back but thought that's all it was - crazy.  I asked for opinions on Facebook about coffees to drink and friends gave me a few leads.  Bulletproof Coffee was always at the top.  I ordered a starter kit and the book and I was ready to plunge in!

I'm currently reading the book and will update the blog when I have finished. 

The taste is not as buttery as I thought it would be.  It's more of a latte taste.  But if you don't drink it right away, you start to taste the butter.  I honestly feel better about starting my day with a clear mind = Bulletproof. 
I haven't been able to exercise much but have almost lost 4 pounds since I started.  I know it isn't much.  But I've literally been sitting on the couch and the only real change I've made to my diet is adding Bulletproof.
I would highly recommend trying out Bulletproof.  I'm a wholesaler & can get you FREE Shipping for your first order.  Who's ready to plunge in with me?