I have been running regularly and coaching runners. Recently, I came across smart clothing from a company called Sensoria that I thought you may be interested in. I am part of a small group of Sensoria Ambassadors helping them build awareness with the running community.

Sensoria is a Seattle based startup that offers has set of biometric smart clothing for running. This includes their smart socks that offers feedback about running form, and t-shirt and sports bra with integrated heart rate monitoring.

The smart socks are infused with textile pressure sensors that provide real-time audio and visual feedback on a set of parameters including foot landing (heel vs ball striking), cadence, pace, time on the ground, distance and so on. Their mobile app also offers a virtual shoe closet with 7000+ running shoe models that tracks mileage and also makes shoe recommendations based on factors such as running form, biomechanics and body structure!

Sports bra and T-shirt with heart rate monitoring
Sensoria also offers sports bra and t-shirt with integrated heart rate monitoring capabilities. This means you do not have to wear the heart rate strap anymore! These compression garments offer support and also provide thermal regulation of the body across hot and cool temperatures.
 All in all these are cool and useful products.

Talk to me further if you want to know more and use the link here: