Reebok Shoe Review

I was fortunate enough to get these Reebok ZPrint Run to try out and give my review of the shoes.  I got the shoes last Tuesday (2/16/18).  That night I went for a 3-mile night.  The shoes were light, but sturdy.  That is a hard fit to find!  The bottom part of the shoe gives ultimate control. They have cushion in the right spots (ball of foot).  I forgot to change the shoe laces and my right toes felt a little numb on the way home.

I also wore the shoes to work for the next three days.  I was subbing for a gym teacher at a local elementary school.  I was on my feet all day, but my feet felt good every day.  The shoes have flexibility and don't feel restrictive due to the top layer mesh fabric.

I also wore the shoes to do an at-home circuit training session.  Again, I felt light but felt sturdy whenever I jumped and moved quickly.

Honestly, I have certain shoes for the various activities that I do.  Shoes for running, shoes for Crossfit, shoes for soccer, shoes for work, and on and on.  I REALLY like these shoes because they're interchangeable.  I was able to run in them and wear every day.  If the shoes have a multi-purpose that works to my favor (and my budget).

I highly recommend these shoes.  They are affordable, stylish and you'll be able to get a lot of use them.  I plan on wearing these shoes this upcoming week on runs, Crossfit, and more!

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