Husky 5k Recap

Two days before the Husky 5k, I attempted to run 3 miles.  They say the first 3 miles are the hardest.  They were harder for me after no exercise for 3 weeks, after recovering from a sprained ankle, and while pushing a stroller.  Could I have made it more difficult?

At first the pain was in my left knee.  My left knee has been through a lot.  I had acl/meniscus surgery about 1.5 years ago.  It was so painful, I had to stop a few times to simply not cry.  But I didn't want to go home defeated.  I continued.  Then my right heel started to hurt.  My right ankle was the one that had been sprained.  By this time, I really did want to cry.

But I gave myself a goal.  Run/walk for a mile.  That's it. One mile.  At one mile, I asked myself how I was feeling.  My knee had stopped hurting, and my ankle was just slightly bothering me.  I decided to continue.  At one point, my daughter exclaimed how happy she was that we were going fast!  That made me happy.  I ran a total of 3 miles.  The pain came back and then would go away.  My legs were sore after the run.

I let my daughter run around the park and enjoy herself.  It took me longer than I wanted, but it was a start.

The Husky 5k was two days later.  I was going to run it with my middle daughter (she's 6).  I felt she would not be too fast nor would I have to push her in the stroller.

We started the race at a faster pace, than I would have liked.  Along the way, I worked with her to stay at a comfortable pace.  Not too fast, not too slow.  I emphasized trying to continue at the same pace regardless of the hills.  Maybe my focus was on her that I didn't concentrate on myself.  I honestly don't remember any pain.  The hills were tough, but only because hills are tough.  Not because of pain.  I repeat, not because of pain.  We completed the race in 37 minutes.  That was a PR for her!  I'm challenging her to complete the next race in less than 35 minutes.  She's excited to try.

I went to the orthopedics today to get to the bottom of why my knee continues to hurt after all this time.  I had x-rays done and will be getting an MRI later this week.  I'm looking forward to running with no pain.  That is my first goal!