Time to refocus..again

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.  I've weighed as high as 180 and as low as 115.  I know I was extremely unhappy at 180, but I won't kid you - it was hard to maintain the 115.  Both ends of the spectrum, my focus was on my weight.  That affected every part of my life and not positively.

In the last 5 years, I've had two miscarriages, 1 baby, acl/meniscus repair on one knee, severe spider bite, removal of ganglion cyst, sprained ankle, and excruciating pain from my acl/meniscus surgery.  Due to these various factors, getting older, being less active due to restrictions, I'm somewhere in the middle. 

I'm going to have "cleanup" surgery on my knee soon and will be limited on my activities once again.  This will give me a good reason to FOCUS on my nutrition.

Here's what I plan to do and why (starting now):
1.  Full Circle (organic produce).  I need to have FRESH, AVAILABLE options in my house at all times!

2.  Blue Apron (every other week, or at least once a month). I need to COOK more and this will help since everything is provided for the given recipes.

3.  Freshly (prepared meals).  On the days I don't have time to cook, I need HEALTHY ready-to-go meals. 

4.  Follow the Wild Diet.  I've read the book and listen to the podcast.  I know there is a lot of research to back up this plan.  I know FASTING has many benefits and plan to incorporate at least twice a week.  The hard part is eating less grains - I love tortillas and pasta.

5.  Track, track, track on MY FITNESS PAL.  I sometimes "think" I'm eating well, but unless I track, there's no real proof of my eating habits.  Tracking helps me be accountable.
6.  Weigh myself ONLY on Fridays.  No exceptions.  I know weight is just a number and FEELING is a much better gauge (non-scale victories), BUT this will also help keep me accountable.  I promise not to dwell on whether the scale moves in my favor, but rather focus on it giving me perspective on what I can tweak moving forward.

I will update how the PLAN is going and it will be interesting to see what is working/not working and eventually how resuming activities will impact my PLAN.

Wish me luck!


  1. Looks like you have a great plan! It's amazing the type of magic that comes just with tracking! There was a study published that looked at the factors involved in weight loss and it found that the number one indicator of if a participant lost weight was if they logged, in fact how many days they logged where directly correlated with how many pounds they lost! Good luck girl :)


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