Lake 22 Recap

4 days post-op (knee orthoscopy) and I thought I was ready for an almost 6 mile hike.  The first couple of steps up, hurt.  Then like magic, then pain subsided.

We took our three daughters (ages 13, 6, 3).  Hiking with a pack (for the 3 year old), camel filled with water/snacks, etc. was not easy.  The first half of the hike was steep, rocky, wet - but beautiful.  The views from the top were spectacular.  My girls trucked along as we kept asking passer buyers, "how much further?"  There really should be some mile posts!  That would have been so helpful.

When we finally made it to the lake, it was like something out of a postcard.  It was unbelievable.  How were we so fortunate to live so near a lake in the middle of the mountains with snow still present, the water so clear, and the stillness of nature.  But there were bugs - lots of them.  My oldest and Arnie swam in the lake.  Lucky them!  I still have stitches, so I couldn't go in.  But I watched with envy.  Next time...

We ate our snack, ate some bugs (I know, gross), and headed back.  Everyone was in good spirits, the hike was mostly downhill now.  We stopped at every waterfall and enjoyed the scenery.  It was definitely worth the hike!