Acupuncture Recap

I sprained my neck on November 22nd, right before Thanksgiving.  At first it felt like a "normal" kink in my neck.  But by nighttime, I knew something was terribly wrong.  I reached out to Facebook and looked online for remedies.  I tried icing, then heating, taking anti-inflammatory medication and pain medication.  Nothing made it better.  I cried too many times to count.  I spent Thanksgiving on the couch and not by choice.  I went to the doctor's on Friday after Thanksgiving.  They gave me muscle relaxer and more anti-inflammatory medication.  I tried sleeping sideways, sleeping with a new pillow, sleeping upright, but nothing helped.  Every night I couldn't fall asleep, and every morning I woke up in pain.  It was the groundhog day I didn't want to repeat.

Finally, last Friday I decided that I would have to take alternative steps to control the pain.  My hubby purchased a Groupon to try acupuncture.  Now, why would I want to purposely put needles in me?  I'm pretty good with pain.  I've had three daughters, multiple tattoos, piercings, and then all of my soccer/running and fluke injuries.  But this neck sprain was unbearable.  I would wish this on my worst enemy.

I cleared my calendar and went to the acupuncture appointment.  They did an intake and I headed to the back for more of an assessment.  The doctor looked at my neck, moved me around and told me to relax.  He asked to me to lie face down on the table.  Then he proceeded to put the needles in my neck area, shoulder area, and one on the outside of my hand (that one hurt like a mother).  He also turned on an infrared light to keep heat on my body.  He told me he'd be back.  Here I was, not relaxed.  If I moved I felt the needles.  This minimized me thinking of the pain in my neck.  So, I guess that was a perk.  The bed I was lying on had no hole for me to breathe through - so I literally had to build a small burrow with my nose so I wouldn't die on that table.  In retrospect, I guess I could have gotten up and made a hole, but obviously I wasn't thinking clearly.  He checked on me once and got my hopes up that we were done.  But then he left again.  I had no idea how much time had passed?  Finally, he came back and took out the needles and basically said, I was good to go.  What seemed like hours, had only been 15 minutes.

I didn't feel renewed.  I actually wasn't sure if I should have felt immediate relief.  That night I tried putting pillows under my legs and slept on my back.  In the morning I felt great.  What had worked?  A little of this, a little of that?

I hadn't exercised in two weeks.  Yesterday, I worked out for the first time.  That felt great.  I purposely didn't do certain things due to my range of motion, but I felt like the old me doing what I love.

It's now Tuesday and one night of not sleeping with the pillows under my legs has set me back.  Not to where I was in pain, but not where I want to be.  I'm thinking I need a good massage right about now is in order...that'll be my next attempt for relief.


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