Pantsuit 5k

After the results from the presidential election, I thought to myself, "what can I do?"

After pondering for some time, I finally came up with my idea for the Pantsuit 5k.  There is an obvious connection with Hillary Clinton, but most importantly with the infamous Pantsuit Nation (the phenomena has since changed its name).  I know how to organize/run events and promote running to my local community.  I felt it was my way to "give back."

The momentum grew to having close to 8,000 interested in attending. If nothing else, people were sharing the event, talking about current issues, and ready to mobilize.

I worked very hard on making the event professional and welcoming anyone regardless of their politics.  The pantsuit was meant to be used a powerful, determined, "we mean business" look for the race.  It was not required to wear a pantsuit, but it was definitely encouraged.

There were minor bumps along the road.   But one thing I learned from the producing a larger, successful event was that, you can't please everyone.  If someone is looking for a "fight," there's nothing that can be done to convince them otherwise.  I'll take the high road and know that I did my best and it showed on the day of the event.  Despite the rain and the cold, females, males, children, and dogs showed up.  Ready to support the cause and each other.

I honestly feel that we have started the foundation of building a solid community.  A community that will mobilize and produce.  Bonus was raising funds to help support Planned Parenthood.  We raised over $7,400 for them.

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped with marketing, packet pick up, and the day of the event.  I appreciate the time and energy they put into this event.

Thank you to our sponsors that helped provide supplies for the event.

Thank you to my husband, Arnie and my family, that helped me stuff over 700 packets, adapted to our house being ground central, and who continuously gave from their heart to help me make this event a success.  Arnie in particular, gets extra kudos for researching what we needed for the race (permits, insurance, setup, race logistics and more).

We have set the date for next year, hoping to make it bigger and better!  Check out the event on our Facebook page: