Attention: Everett Runners & Walkers!

Attention: Everett Runners & Walkers!

I've lived in Everett since 2006.  As a runner, I've always traveled to races since there were slim choices in the Everett area.  I learned to travel to group runs and trainings because I didn't know anyone in the Everett area that would want to train with me.

In 2012, I started my journey to be a fitness instructor, trainer, coach.  I tried a few times over the years to train closer to home.  But the interest always died down or no one would show up.  I was disappointed, but focused my trainings elsewhere.

Lately, as I've been doing my personal training runs in Everett, I've been reflecting on how beautiful and diverse this city is.  I run along the Everett waterfront, run through the various neighborhoods, run hills near and at Forest Park, and take in the variety of city terrain.  Even in Everett, you can't escape the hills!

I know there are other runners (and walkers) that run alone.  Some because they want to, others because they feel no one else would run with them.  Runners come in a variety of paces, abilities, and overall goals.  To find someone else that makes running a little less "painful, boring, tedious," is a good thing.

I attempted two group outings this past week.  Waterfront Wednesdays was the first one.  Yes, it was on a Wednesday.  Four other people showed up, besides my family.  Some ran 3 miles along the waterfront, others took a scenic stroll near the marina.  It was great to meet new people from Everett who saw the value in being outside and enjoying the waterfront.  The City of Everett has signs throughout the waterfront with mile markers.  Once the construction is finished, runners and walkers will have a fun marked course to follow!

My second attempt was doing a Will Run for Beer group run/walk starting at At Large Brewery.  I promoted the event on Facebook, Meetup, and This is Everett.  On Facebook, there was a growing interest and 40+ said they would attend.  I was very hopeful that it would be successful.  Because who doesn't like running/walking AND beer?

I was pleasantly surprised as runners and walkers started showing up!  Some were from Everett, while others traveled to do this event.  We split into two groups.  One group walked to Pigeon Creek, the other ran towards the boat launch at the Everett Marina.  Then we all met back at At Large Brewery to enjoy their craft beers.  It is a great start to the summer!

I planned out some more meetups for the summer and hopefully more will continue to join us.  Everett residents, and anyone else who wants to see what this beautiful city has to offer will experience a walking/running tour, meet new people, and help support local businesses.  The group is FREE (we also have other races, trainings, activities available, check out my website/Facebook) open to all abilities, paces, and goals.  Come out & enjoy Everett!

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